3890 Buchanan Ave SW, LLC


Stone Fox Ventures Announces Acquisition of 3890 Buchanan Ave SW
Private equity investment firm acquires for expansion of cutting tool business.

Grand Rapids, November 28, 2012: Stone Fox Ventures, a private equity investment, has acquired 3890 Buchanan Ave SW, LLC f/k/a Conical Real Estate, LLC. 3890 Buchanan Ave SW, LLC is a modern industrial building in a premier location.

3890 Buchanan Ave SW, LLC will serve as the continued location for Conical Tool Company, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which manufactures an innovative line of high performance, specialty, custom and precision end mills and cutting tools to support the manufacturing sector through many industries including: aerospace, agriculture, automotive, casting & foundries, defense, electronics, energy, furniture, medical, metalworking and plastics / composites.

Additionally, 3890 Buchanan Ave SW, LLC will serve as the future home for Stone Fox Ventures as it

Stone Fox Ventures is a private equity investment firm that acquires, structures, manages and grows middle-market manufacturing, distribution and services companies with industrial and business customers. For more information, please visit http://stonefoxventures.com. For information on Conical Tool Company, please visit http://conicalendmills.com.