Our Firm

Our Firm

Stone Fox Ventures is a private equity investment firm that acquires, structures, manages and grows middle-market manufacturing, distribution and services companies with industrial and business customers. Focusing on underperforming and troubled companies as the best opportunity for significant shareholder return; new financial operations and corporate infrastructures are implemented to achieve substantial and sustainable positive changes in asset holdings.

Fundamentally, our investment philosophy holds that the greatest returns can be generated in companies where new management, capital, strategy and structures can improve performances and cash flows.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide attractive exit opportunities for owners of small and medium sized privately held entities while simultaneously generating significant returns to Stone Fox Ventures. As long-term investors, owners do not need to worry about their hardwork and legacy being sold off after acquisition. Additionally, through implementing creative transaction structures, owners maximize the return on underperforming assets while minimizing the initial risk of investment to Stone Fox Ventures.

Our Vision

Through implemented improvements and sound business structuring and execution, significant value can be created in a relatively short period of time. For that reason, investment opportunities are targeted with organizational weaknesses and operational inefficiencies, which through synergistic acquisitions, accelerated organic growth or operational improvements can generate significant shareholder returns.